Provide professional techincal/business/operation planning services for video industry.


  • Introduction

    Sumavision has been developed its OTT system as an innovative product which realizes video display sharing between TV, smartphone, tablet and computer. With the system, TV resource is extended to telecom and internet terminals with high convergence and low coupling. The system supports effective interface and high scalability features, and is suitable for different user scales.

  • System Architecture

    We support two different system architectures that you can choose it based on your actual situation.
    (1) Cloud deployment

  • Sumavision IPTV/OTT system support traditional server architecture and cloud deployment to meet different industry scenes and operators. This cloud deployment adopts the architecture of platform & application which can fit multiple business demands by adding some function modules on the IaaS and iPaas. Also, through different combinations of function modules, it can break down the limitation that can be applied only in traditional video application and expand to other trade applications.

  • Features

  • • Save initial time and money investment.
    • Support the smooth expansion.
    • Realize uncoupling of the multiple function module. 
    • Pay-as-you-grow.
    • Unified management and global scheduling.
    • Provide the new business operating mode.?

  • (2) Server Architecture

  • Features

  • • Total solution from headend to terminal with customization.
    • Full-network support: Flexible compatibility between IP & Cable network.
    • Full-terminal adaptation: STB, PC, PAD, Phone, OTT terminals. 
    • Rich functionality: live, time-shift, play back, multi-screen interactive, content sharing, social TV, advertisement, etc.
    • Reliable security control & copyright protection: security chain, authentication & DRM.
    • Excellent multicast security when using IP live broadcast.?


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