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StreamGuard CAS

  • Product Introduction

    StreamGuard is the global leading conditional access system for pay-TV. IT's now serving operators in over 90 countries and enables over 200 million people worldwide to enjoy video entertainment. From cable to satellite, terrestrial, mobile and internet, StreamGuard protects your service and content- anytime, anywhere and on any device. Together with StreamGuard DRM, you can securely deliver content to conduct pay-TV business over a variety of infrastructures to many kinds of consumer electronics. Our mission: Digital content security protection, protecting your interests by restricting access only to authorized users.

  • Features

  • • Support DVB-C, DVB-T/Adv.-Terrestrial, DVB-S/S2.
    • Support advanced security.
    • Security level EAL5+.
    • Support Multi-language. 
    • Certification of FARNCOMBE.
    • More than 100 STB partners. 
    • Zero record of piracy
    • Distinguish functions: Enhanced Free-Preview, Master & Slave cards, Online authorization, Pre-Authorization, IPPV/IPPT, AAR.

  • Market

    • Support over 10 million subscribers in single network.
    • Cooperate with major operators in over 90 countries and regions.
    • Already 500 CAS projects deployed and 120 million smartcards issued globally.
    • Fastest CAS growth rate in occupying new market.


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